WOFL Wednesday Workshops

Client Collaboration: Creative Art Activations Boost Footfall and Foster Brand Loyalty for WOFL Restaurant

Client Profile:

  • Client: WOFL Restaurant – Dubai Hills Mall
  • Challenge: Attracting new customers and building brand loyalty
  • Services Provided: Creative Art Activations

Background: Our client, a newly established waffle restaurant, approached The Workshop Hub seeking innovative ways to attract new customers, enhance the dining experience, and foster brand loyalty. With a unique wholesome menu focused on fresh ingredients, they wanted to create a buzz and establish themselves as a go-to destination for families and friends.


  1. Attracting Footfall: The restaurant faced the challenge of attracting a consistent flow of customers, particularly during non-peak hours.
  2. Diverse Customer Base: They wanted to appeal to a diverse customer base, including families, couples, and groups of friends.
  3. Building Brand Loyalty: Establishing long-term relationships with customers and turning them into loyal patrons was a priority.

Solution: Our agency proposed WOFL WEDNESDAYS centered around “Creative Art Activations” to breathe life into the restaurant’s atmosphere and dining experience:

  1. Creative Workshops: We organise regular workshops within the restaurant. These workshops feature different themes according to what’s current /seasonal and that can be done while customers enjoy their meals.
  2. Interactive Art Stations: We set up interactive art stations where customers can express their creativity. We provided all materials needed and direct the attendees in learning a new craft or skill.
  3. Social Media Integration: We encourage customers to share their creations on social media, tagging the restaurant. This generates user-generated content and increased the restaurant’s online visibility.

Results: The implementation of creative art activations had a significant impact on the restaurant’s footfall, brand loyalty, and customer experience:

  1. Increased Footfall: The live art workshops and interactive stations drew curious passersby and regular customers alike, resulting in increased foot traffic during traditionally slow hours.
  2. Enhanced Customer Experience: Customers loved the unique and interactive experience, which elevated their perception of the restaurant beyond just a dining destination.
  3. Boosted Brand Loyalty: Many customers returned with friends and family to enjoy both the healthy waffle menu and the art activations. The workshops created a sense of community and belonging.
  4. Social Media Engagement: The user-generated content on social media platforms generated organic buzz around the restaurant, attracting a younger, tech-savvy audience.
  5. Revenue Growth: The increase in footfall and repeat customers translated into a significant boost in revenue for the restaurant.

Conclusion: By infusing creative art activations into the restaurant’s atmosphere, we successfully addressed the challenges of attracting footfall, appealing to a diverse customer base, and building brand loyalty for our client. These initiatives not only increased customer engagement but also enhanced the overall dining experience, solidifying the restaurant’s position as a beloved community hub for healthy waffles and creativity.